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Application-specific process plants for every branch

Dyes and paints, adhesives, sealants and insulation, coatings , inks, spray emulsions, chocolate mixtures, milk products, active substance coatings, home care, personal care and many other products are already produced on plants from our factory. Your efficiency and the effectiveness of your production processes can be significantly increased using process plants that are individual and built for the smallest space. Individually developed, customer-specific process plants are used by our customers as standard around the world.

Container systems that can be used flexibly at various locations,

are available for you, along with our skidded units, which represent automated production units built entirely on frames.

Recipe controls, visualisation, weighing, measuring and control technology, tanks and pipes, CIP systems – we completely build all the plants in our factory. After a test run under production conditions, they are accepted by you. Our engineers are on site for you during the erection, commissioning and servicing. This is the basis of the process guaranteed provided by us.

Process plant for the chemical industry

Process plant for the production of fertilisers
Plant fertiliser
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Process plant for the coating and inks industry

Decorative Emulsion Paint
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Printing Inks
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Film coating
Foil coatings
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Pigment pastes
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Process plant for household and cosmetics industry

Thickener solutions
Thickener solutions
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Process plant for fragrance production
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Process plant for the pharmaceutical industry

Process plant for tablet coating production
Tablet coating
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Process plant for food industry

Process plant for feta cheese production
Palm oil milk concentrate
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Process plant for chocolate filling mass production
Chocolate mass
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Process plant for spray emulsion production
Spray emulsion
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Process plant for product development

Pilot plant
Pilot plant for product development
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