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Perfectly suited to the requirements of the food industry

YSTRAL DaiTec for food industry


The Conti-TDS for the food production industry

The DaiTec offers all the advantages of Conti-TDS technology and is specially tailored to the requirements of the milk processing and food industry. It is characterized by its 3A certified design and a powder feed table with integrated hopper at an ergonomic working height.

It is connected directly to existing containers and is ready for use after a couple of simple steps. Due to its powerful induction vacuum, the machine can induct and disperse directly from the powder container via a induction tube, aside from induction via the hopper.

Advantages of the YSTRAL DaiTec Conti-TDS

  • Dust-free container emptying, powder transport, powder loading, powder wetting and dispersion via a single machine - Conti-TDS technology
  • Even strongly adhesive and thickening powders can be dispersed quickly and neatly
  • Agglomerate-free, highly concentrated, homogeneous and very stable dispersions through the use of high shear energy and the wetting / dispersing of powders under vacuum
  • Liquids, e.g. oils can also be inducted directly from a barrel and emulsified
  • Excellent emulsifying properties - narrow droplet size spectrum even without high-pressure homogeniser
  • Fast dissolution processes through optimal breakdown of raw materials
  • A simple design ensures trouble-free operation
  • The machine is CIP-capable and very easy to open thanks to its quick-release fasteners and can also be easily installed without clamping
  • 3A certified design


3A certification
3-A Sanitary Standard
3A certification
3-A Sanitary Standard


What can we do for your process?

What can we do for your process?

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