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About us


This is the claim that reflects ystral's aspiration. Behind it lies the commitment and heart and soul of each and every one of us - for example, in the project planning, design or manufacture of mixing and powder wetting machines, as well as process plants. This statement is regularly confirmed by our customers.
We ystral employees are highly motivated and always put our heart and soul into our work. It is natural for us to go the extra mile for our customers. This commitment is encouraged and maintained by an exceptionally good working atmosphere. The owners' appreciation of us employees is very great and palpable. The owners of ystral are the three brothers David, George and Peter Manke. They took over the company in 2005, after David and Peter Manke had previously been managing directors for seven years.


The three managing directors of ystral GmbH

Karl Prem, Peter and David Manke (f.l.t.r.)

Since 2005, sales have increased from EUR 10 million to EUR 42 million (2018).  A solid, organic growth, which is reflected in the increase in the number of employees from 80 to 270 (2018).

In 2019, the management team was expanded to include Karl Prem as commercial director.

In addition to the headquarters in Ballrechten-Dottingen near the French and Swiss borders, subsidiaries were established in Singapore (2011), Bangalore (India, 2013) and Beijing (China, 2018). The reason for this is the strong international demand - we have thus followed our customers to Asia, on this continent the potential is incredibly large. So far, our export share of sales is 60% (2018).



Founded in Stuttgart
Focus on the dairy industry


Relocation to Ballrechten-Dottingen
Opening of the first ystral research centre


Development and market launch for Conti-TDS technology


Taking on the management: David and Peter Manke


MBO: Peter, David and George Manke


Founding of ystral asia in Singapore
Expansion of the production building


Founding of ystral india in Bangalore
Introduction of the '110% MIXING SOLUTIONS' claim


Presentation of the new ystral trademark for the professionalization of the external appearance


Foundation ystral china and most successful year in history:
270 employees
42 million turnover


Karl Prem is taking over the commercial and later also the operational management of the company


Market introduction
of Batt-TDS


Living our values

110% Mixing Solutions

Our slogan communicates what we aim to deliver: 110% MIXING SOLUTIONS. Each and every one of us stands behind this with full commitment. 110% MIXING SOLUTIONS means going the extra mile for you – in project work and in designing and building mixing and powder-wetting machines and process technologies.

Specialised expertise

We love thinking outside the box, experimenting and optimising, drawing upon our tremendous know-how. We endeavour to ensure that our collective knowledge is shared as widely as possible within our company. This ensures that you get tailored process solutions that deliver added value.


We take responsibility for our work and results. Comprehensive consulting combined with testing at the ystral Technology Centre enable us to give you a process guarantee that affords you the security you need. In every step of the process chain.


Our drive is revealed in that gleam in our eyes when we are working on our independent initiative to deliver optimal results. When we are giving that little bit extra to derive the best possible solution for you, taking advantage of the freedom we enjoy to explore creative possibilities.

ystral process employee

Jessica Reister, Sales

The minds that make 110% MIXING SOLUTIONS

"I have worked in sales for ystral for about 8 years. Because ystral is represented in almost all branches of the market, this is a very varied job. It is never boring – quite the opposite – everyday is fun to come into contact with customers and learning more about new applications, challenges or new designs based on the special machine construction. Altogether it is definitely not a nine to five job and I feel very good in my position and in the company."



Raoul Pila Nunninger, Head of R&D

The minds that make 110% MIXING SOLUTIONS

"My area of responsibility at ystral has been research & development for over 5 years. We put on the customer's hat for everything that is newly developed. What requirements does the product have to fulfil? How can we design the product so that the customer is thrilled to use it? We test, learn, improve, test again and so on. The process is the focus of our machines, but the user must be able to operate the machine well and safely. If we achieve that and the machine can be fabricated well and is affordable, then we hope to have satisfied customers. What counts for me is that we do our best and achieve our goals on time - whether it's a task, a project, or a conversation."

Alina Heitzler, Head of Quality & Process Management

Alina Heitzler, Head of Quality & Process Management

The minds that make 110% MIXING SOLUTIONS

"I have been a part of ystral since my dual studies and thus for 8 years now. My job is to optimise processes and the cooperation of the departments involved in the value creation in such a way that the customer can expect high quality and benefits from shorter lead times and high delivery reliability. To achieve this, we move the company towards a process-oriented organisation.

For me, 110% always means going one step further. It describes an end state that exceeds the requirements of the customer or even internally. 110% is lived at ystral in all directions: 110% result, 110% questioning and finding solutions, 110% joint further development, 110% cooperation, 110% community & 110% fun and joy at work."

Michèle Schmehrer, Head of Administration & Facility Management

The minds that make 110% MIXING SOLUTIONS

"For me, 110% means passion, identification with the company and thinking outside the box. I have been working in the company's administration for 4 years now. As the central hub of the company, we support all departments in offering our customers the best possible service in every respect. As the voice of the company, we are also often the first point of contact with customers, contributing to a positive first impression."



ystral process engineer

Sascha Gramelspacher, Process Engineer

The minds that make 110% MIXING SOLUTIONS

"Working at ystral offers very varied and exciting tasks ranging from chemistry to the food industry. By working with companies all over the world, we get to know the most diverse cultures and the associated different ways of working or approaching things. We are presented with new challenges by our customers every day. In conclusion, it never gets boring."




Andreas Faller, Deputy Head of Purchasing

The minds that make 110% MIXING SOLUTIONS

"I work in project purchasing at ystral and am the process owner for plant projects. A complex plant is only as good as the sum of the quality of the individual components. My job is to procure the individual components in top quality at the required time for our assembly. What counts for me is never to be satisfied with what has been achieved and never to stop questioning oneself and one's work to become better. In today's world, 100% is no longer enough and we therefore go the extra mile for our customers."




Research and development at ystral

Ideally prepared personnel and very experienced development department guarantee the best results: Individual processing systems are one of our core skills. In reality, each system is different as there are different conditions applicable for interior wall paints than, for example, for chocolate mass. For the workers that means the variety and motivation at the same time: We love these types of challenges, as many innovations only arise during the course of a project. Thanks to the level of individualisation required for the systems we are almost obligated to develop new innovations.



ystral is ISO 9001 certified and if required, our machines and systems can be made in compliance with hygiene standards or explosion-protection standards


We have entered into a cooperation for the training of dual students and for the extra-occupational further training of our employees.


We are a member of wvib Schwarzwald AG, an independent, regional service association for medium-sized industrial companies.

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What can we do for your process?

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