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Process plant for cosmetic emulsion production

The cosmetics industry relies on cost-effective and smooth-running process technologies. Maintaining a stable, creamy and pleasant texture whilst mixing solids with one or more liquids is essential. Emulsification, de-agglomeration and powder wetting are therefore key issues.

ystral delivers valuable process solutions for the cosmetics industry. One of our customers manufactures high quality lipsticks. We were able to improve the handling of processed wax pellets and powders in the raw material feed’s upstream processes. We supplemented the existing process container with the Conti-TDS powder wetting and dispersing machine. The Conti-TDS provides optimum results in a single, clean production step.

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Household and cosmetics industry
End product:



Inducting, wetting and melting wax in water


The customer requirements:

  • Space requirement: 3.4 x 2.9 x 7.7 m
  • Degree of automation: High, recipe control
  • Powder feed: Big bag and powder hopper
  • Fill capacity powder tank 1000 l
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Advantages compared to the previous process:

The powder handling module consists of a big bag emptying station with docking system and powder container. On top of this, a powder fluidiser and finally the Conti-TDS are also available.

  • A chain hoist positions the wax pellet-filled Big-Bag on the supporting table of the Big-Bag station.
  • The four pneumatically driven pushers, which are fitted to the sides of the Big-Bag station, process the Big-Bag from all four sides and separate the stuck-together wax pellets, so that they flow again.
  • A Big-Bag docking system creates the connection between Big-Bag and the powder tank.  The discharge hose of the Big-Bag is docked via a double ring. When the discharge hose of the Big-Bag is opened, the wax pellets flow into the powder tank.
  • Our powder fluidisator, type FSA 5 in sieve format, is adapted beneath the powder tank. It mechanically loosens the wax pellets.
  • Furthermore, the FSA 5 prevents the wax pellets from forming bridges. We have combined the upper rotor blade inside the fluidisator with a sieve: As a result of this technology, the last remaining wax pellet agglomerates are broken up.
  • The outlet spigot of the powder fluidisator FSA 5 and the powder inlet spigot of the powder wetting and dispersing machine Conti-TDS are connected via a suction hose, the size of which corresponds to the size of the wax pellets. This guarantees a continuous flow of powder between powder fluidisator FSA 5 and Conti-TDS.

  • The Conti-TDS sucks the pellets into the liquid circulated by the Conti-TDS without air contact and processes the mixture until complete dispersion.

ystral process engineer
“The process runs optimally for the customer, irrespective of the ambient conditions in the summer or winter. The problem: If the temperatures rise, the wax pellets in the Big-Bags agglomerate. We have therefore developed these pushers, which work the Big-Bag from all sides with a high contact pressure from all sides and break up the agglomerates without destroying the fabric of the Big-Bag”

Uwe Klaumünzner, Application and Process Engineer

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