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Process plant for architectural coatings

Our customers include the world’s leading manufacturers of dispersion paints Many of them have now abandoned conventional manufacturing processes and switched to ystral's Conti-TDS technology.

We are dedicated to serving all of our customers, individually, with complete operational readiness. Together we examine the entire process chain, and identify individual concepts to achieve the best possible solution. Irrespective of whether we connect individual machines to existing process vessels or set up a complete, turnkey system: Maximum efficiency is our gold standard.

ystral Paint and Coatings Industry
Paint and lacquer industry
End product:

Decorative Emulsion Paint


Dispersing pigments and fillers in water

The customer requirements:

  • Capacity: > 10 t/h
  • Batch size: 5 t
  • Space requirement: 4 x 5 x 6 m
  • Degree of automation: High
  • Powder feed: Silo, Big Bag and Sacks
  • Cleanability: Automated cleaning process
  • Fluid addition: Automated
  • Solids content: 75 %+
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Advantages compared to the previous process:

ystral Conti-TDS technology allows our customers to position themselves perfectly for the future. The streamlining of the process steps means an enormous rationalisation potential for production exists. Not only do our plants reduce production times considerably, they also offer significant savings compared to traditional production methods in terms of the raw materials used and energy consumption.

  • Conti-TDS technology combines 5 process steps - container emptying, powder transport, powder loading, powder wetting and dispersion - in a single process plant. 
  • The solids are inducted directly from the hopper at up to 500 kg/min and dispersed immediately.
  • The process plant works extremely quickly, saving you time. It takes less than 25 minutes to produce a 5 t batch with a solids content of over 70 %. 
  • The plant achieves highly effective dispersion with a narrow grain size spectrum. This also reduces process times.
  • Through colloidal wetting of the particles, raw materials can be saved on a significant scale.
  • Up to 70 % less energy is used compared to traditional manufacturing methods.
  • No ingress of external air. The powder is transported in a dense stream under vacuum.
  • The manufacturing process is clean: The powders, light fillers, matting agents and thickeners are added without dust and loss. As a result, containers and components remain cleaner than in conventional production.
  • Thanks to the immediate and complete breakdown of materials, products can be modified faster. In addition, the process can be reproduced reliably.
ystral head of engineering
“Above all, the main challenge was optimisation of the process steps in order to achieve the shortest possible processing time. Due to optimum coordination with the adjacent processes in the
production plant, it is now possible to produce a higher quality product in much less time.”

Reinhold Bucher, Head of Engineering

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What can we do for your process?
What can we do for your process?

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Johanna Manke

  • Latest information on industries and applications
  • Important dates including free exhibition admission tickets
  • Insights into our company