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Process plant for foil coating production

One of our customers wanted to optimise or replace an existing film coating system. The aim was to add titanium oxide into a solvent mixture via a reliable process, thereby improving breakdown of the powder substances, reducing dispersion times and minimising the release of dust. It was also required that the system should be WIP-cleanable. The existing process had several disadvantages. To some degree, the problems could be attributed to the use of the dissolver, which was used to disperse the powders in the binding agent. The process was not of consistent quality and could not be reproduced reliably. The desired particle size was often not achieved.

ystral Paint and Coatings Industry
Paint and lacquer industry
End product:

Aluminium foil coating


Inducting, wetting and dispersing titanium dioxide in a solvent mixture

Film coating

The customer requirements:

  • Capacity: 2 t/h
  • Batch size: 2 x 2 t
  • Space requirement: 5 x 3 x 4.5 m
  • Degree of automation: Automatic with manual intervention
  • Powder feed: 2 x sack loading station and hopper table
  • Cleanability: WIP / “Wash in Place”
  • Solids content: 20-45 %
  • Fluid addition: Automated from storage tank
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Advantages compared to the previous process:

ystral was able to offer an effective process solution. The individually configured system integrates two stations for loading and unloading sacks and big bags as well as a hopper table. The system deliberately suppresses the formation of dust. The liquid is automatically fed into the process from a tank. 

  • As a result, the customer now has a clean and flawless system: 
  • Dust emission was significantly reduced. 
  • Washing in Place capability is guaranteed: The system can be washed on-site without disassembly.
  • The process works stably and can be reproduced exactly under the same conditions. If required, individual parameters can be adjusted in a targeted and controlled manner.
  • The required dispersion times have been reduced to 25 % of previous values. That means the process is now four times more efficient over the same period. 
ystral process engineer
“Every project has its own challenges. The biggest challenge in this case was to provide the customer with the tremendous potential for process optimisation that ystral's customised process plant offers. The customer didn’t want to believe it - until he could see it with his own eyes.”

Bernd Weber, Division Manager Process and Application Technology

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  • Latest information on industries and applications
  • Important dates including free exhibition admission tickets
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