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110% training with ystral

What is waiting for you at ystral?

During the training/studies the trainees and students run through various departments here at ystral. Comprehensive knowledge is picked up thanks to this rotation system and interdependencies between departments become clear.

In each department, the trainees and students will take on their own tasks and will have a fixed mentor. At the end of each department phase there is always a feedback meeting – to enable the strengths of each individual identified and promoted so that they can be further developed in the subsequent departments. This means that the foundation stones for ongoing professional orientation can be laid as early as in the training/study phase.

Individual responsibility

Feel the passion and team spirit

The trainees and students can also set themselves team challenges. An example for this is the organisation of the annual May festival – this tradition arose from the proactive initiative of one year of trainees/students, who wanted to say thank-you for the 110% training at the end of their training period. The three proprietors were delighted with the idea and ready to support it.  An indication of the familial company culture, which values commitment and taking ownership of tasks.

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What can we do for your process?

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