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Our core competence

Process development

Processes and technologies for mixing, dispersion and powder-wetting form the core competence of ystral. Before a product can be manufactured on a larger scale, an efficient process has to be developed for production. Together with our process engineers, you can develop new efficient production processes or optimise their existing processes. In our test centre almost the entire range of YSTRAL machines – from laboratory to production scale – is available to you for this purpose. Various measuring and analysis devices, as well as recording capabilities, form the basis of extensive documentation of the trials. Based on this, we create a process guarantee in order to give you the necessary process certainty. With the process guarantee, we guarantee that using the same raw materials as in the trials, the machine or process system also delivers the same results.

Successful cooperation

Together we develop your custom process

From the very beginning, we deal intensively with your industry and enquiry. A process engineer with experience in your scope of application supports you as a contact partner and technical expert through the entire process development procedure.

We clarify the current situation with you, along with your desires and expectations: What is to be manufactured? What process are you already using? What is the situation in terms of space? What do you hope to gain from future manufacturing processes? What quantities are to be produced?

Your benefits

  • Experience with more than 5,000 processed raw materials and solids
  • Individual support from process and application engineers
  • Documentation and analysis of the process parameters
  • Test centre
  • Customised process
  • Process guarantee
ystral process systems Hardeners or resin formulations

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Individual & innovative

Economic solutions

With a precise objective and useful basic data about your current process, we are able to calculate the relevant performance data and key figures – including batch time and ROI. The ideal solution for your matters may also include leaner processes and improved recipes alongside the optimum machine technology: Thanks to their experience and their technical expertise, our process engineers detect potential for your manufacturing process that you may not have even considered. Ultimately there is a consolidated and innovative solution, optimally tuned to your requirements.

What can we do for your process?

What can we do for your process?

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Michele Schmehrer