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Successfully used around the world

Mixing and dispersing machines from ystral have been successfully used around the world in various industries for decades. The machines are developed and built at our southern Baden headquarters in Ballrechten-Dottingen. With tradition and experience, on one hand, and the necessary innovative strength, on the other, we manufacture machines and process systems that fulfil the highest demands for precision, robustness, hygiene and quality.

The three product lines of our mixing and dispersing machines include inline dispersers, dispersers and mixers.

Inline dispersers

Our inline dispersers process the product using the circulation method.

all inline dispersers
YSTRAL process system decorative emulsion paint

Because of their design, dispersers can be used flexibly.

ystral process system food fillings

The mixers work according to the jetstream principle.

all mixers
ystral process system coatings foil
What can we do for your process?

What can we do for your process?

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