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Process plant for tablet coating production

Tablet coating is an important process step in pharmaceutical production. Coatings can fulfil many functions: Sometimes they serve to protect the product, other times they are used to change the colour or mask taste; sometimes they also facilitate modified drug release. Often different functions are combined.

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Pharmaceutical industry
End product:

Tablet coating


Induction, wetting and dispersion of pigments, fillers and thickeners in ultrapure water


Process plant for tablet coating production

The customer requirements:

  • Batch size: 450 L
  • Space requirement: 3.3 x 1.6 x 2.7 m
  • Degree of automation: Very high
  • Powder feed: Direct from the supply container
  • Cleanability: Automated
  • Fluid addition Automatic
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Advantages compared to the previous process:

Compared to conventional methods for producing the tablet coatings, the use of ystral Conti-TDS technology in conjunction with a complete system designed by ystral, opens up a wealth of new possibilities. It was possible to perfectly coordinate the Conti-TDS with adjacent processes and drastically reduce process times.

  • The system is extremely flexible. All solvent-based and aqueous coating suspensions can be prepared.
  • The powder can be inducted either via a induction lance or directly from the container.
  • Liquids are inducted directly. Droplet sizes in emulsions prepared in this way are in the nanometre range.
  • The service life of the filter installed before the coater increases tenfold.
  • Energy consumption has reduced by about 60 % over the previous process.
  • Product quality has improved significantly. Suspensions remain homogeneous and stable over the long-term. 
  • The new process plant allows production time to be reduced by up to 80 %. In certain cases, it was possible to reduce production time from eight hours to just one.
  • Storage stability has increased by up to 90 %. This allows a hopper agitator to omitted during the coating process.
  • A vacuum is generated in the mixing chamber. The powder is added without dust formation and loss-free.
  • The new process plant can also easily process difficult powders that, for example, are difficult to wet, swell spontaneously, foam heavily or clump together.
  • Colloidal wetting and dispersion is performed under vacuum. The raw materials are completely de-agglomerated.
  • The manufacturing process is 100 % reproducible.
  • The cleaning process for the paint preparation container runs automatically, while the next paint suspension is already being prepared in parallel. 
  • The system is linked to the automatic generation of manipulation-proof electronic logs and documents.
ystral process engineer
“Thanks to the individual design, it was possible with the minimum space required to adjust the plant to the customer's available space even. As a result of the high level of automation, different processes can be carried out on the plant simultaneously, which was a challenge, in particular, during cleaning and simultaneous production of paint. Long production times, development of dust in the work area and manual cleaning are therefore history.”

Denis Hunn, Application and Process Engineer

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  • Latest information on industries and applications
  • Important dates including free exhibition admission tickets
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