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Process plant for spray emulsion production

Spray emulsions are used, for example, in cosmetics, but also in cleaning agents and sometimes in foods. ystral has developed a process plant that is perfectly suited for production and processing of aromas and flavourings and which is perfectly attuned to the needs of our customers. The benefits of this new technology and allow it to replace the traditional manufacturing process.

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End product:

Spray emulsion for spray-dried flavourings


Dispersion and dissolving of maltodextrin, gum arabic, aromatic oils and other constituents in water

ystral process systems spray emulsion

The customer requirements:

  • Capacity: 2 - 4 t/h (depending on the complexity of the recipe)
  • Batch size: 1000 l
  • Space requirement: 5 m³
  • Degree of automation: Fully automatic closed process system
  • Powder feed: Silo, big bag and sack goods
  • Cleanability: CIP / "Cleaning in Place" on the liquid side
  • Fluid addition Automated
  • Solids content Up to approx. 40 % (depending on recipe)
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Advantages compared to the previous process:

Ystral's systems based on Conti-TDS technology continue to prove themselves every single day within spray emulsion production. In many cases, the required drop size can be achieved even without a high-pressure homogeniser. 

  • Conti-TDS technology significantly simplifies the manufacturing process. Emptying of containers, powder transport, powder feed, powder wetting and dispersion are all implemented in a single machine.
  • Clean production is guaranteed. The containers are emptied with almost zero dust emission. Powder is inducted without loss directly from the hopper, container or silo. Residues on containers and other components are a thing of the past.
  • The powders used, such as maltodextrin or gum arabic, are inducted without ingress of external air.
  • The powders are wetted, dispersed and dissolved under vacuum. This completely agglomerate-free and homogeneous solution provides the basis for subsequent emulsification.

  • Aromas oils and flavourings are subsequently inducted into the carrier substances dissolved in the water and then emulsified in the mixing chamber under vacuum. The droplet size spectra obtained here offer the perfect basis for subsequent spraying in spray drying towers or fluidised bed granulation.
  • All raw materials are quickly dissolved and fully broken up. 
  • The process steps of the manufacturing process are clearly defined. Therefore, the process as well as the product properties can be reproduced reliably. 
  • ystral complete plants are CIP-capable. Automated cleaning in a closed system ensures optimal hygienic conditions and saves valuable time. 
  • Batches of different sizes can be processed flexibly and independently of the respective container size.
ystral process engineer
“Conti-TDS technology is multi-talented. We tailor the configuration of our process plant, individually, to suits the needs of each of our customers, so that the system perfectly matches the company and the application!”

Claus-Wilhelm Häbel, Application and Process Engineer

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  • Latest information on industries and applications
  • Important dates including free exhibition admission tickets
  • Insights into our company