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Process plant for chocolate filling mass production

Our customers include some of the leading manufacturers in the food industry. We developed the perfect method for making chocolate fillings for a supplier of high-quality confectionary. The ystral technology we supplied provides significant benefits over the conventional manufacturing process and can therefore replace it completely.

ystral food industry
End product:

Chocolate filling


Addition and dispersion of solids in oil

Process plant for food filling mass production

The customer requirements:

  • Capacity: 1.6 t/h
  • Batch size: 800 kg
  • Space requirement: 4 x 5 x 4 m
  • Degree of automation: High
  • Powder feed: Reservoir (automated pneumatic filling)
  • Cleanability: Automated
  • Fluid addition Automated
  • Solids content 60-75 %
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Advantages compared to the previous process:

The ystral process plant is able to fully satisfy the high standards of the manufacturer. The closed process and automated cleaning feature ensure that the high quality of the product, in this case chocolate mass, is safeguarded permanently.

  • The system can process an 800 kg batch in less than 25 minutes. The powder mixture is inducted at up to 150 kg per minute directly from the hopper and dispersed immediately.
  • The process plant is compact and space-saving. Not only that: Its functionality allows it to replace four conventional production lines. The saved space in the factory can now be used for other applications.
  • Our customer switched from manual to automated production with the help of the ystral process plant. Process automation ensures stable and reproducible procedures
  • Downstream production facilities are fed automatically via the process plant’s buffer tanks and downstream production steps are initiated reliably. The ystral plant therefore supports the continuity of the entire production process by preventing interruption. 
  • Adherence to maximum cleanliness is guaranteed in production: The process is self-contained, and thanks to ystral Conti-TDS technology, is free of external air ingress.
  • The powder feeder is dust and loss-free. 
  • If necessary, the Conti-TDS acts as a CIP pump. Manual assistance is no longer required. The regular, automated cleaning program helps support hygienic production conditions; in addition, waiting times during product changes are reduced considerably.
  • Maximum efficiency is guaranteed by customising process equipment individually to meet the customer's needs. The product can now be produced with consistently high quality in less time.
ystral process engineer
“In addition to a high degree of flexibility, short process times and effective cleaning, this project was primarily concerned with continuous ‘supply’ of production lines.
Our effective integration of the process plant into existing production lines now makes it possible to produce high-quality product, with consistent quality, both quickly and efficiently.
The process plant can be deployed flexibly for various products and can cope with a high solids content of over 75 %, which has greatly increased the capacity and flexibility of production.”

Jonas Brauch, Application and Process Engineer

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  • Latest information on industries and applications
  • Important dates including free exhibition admission tickets
  • Insights into our company