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13 Trends and megatrends in process engineering

Process technology is changing: New technological possibilities, changing production requirements, frequent product updates, and stricter specifications for occupational and environmental protection are fundamentally changing production processes.

Get to know 13 trends that will shape the future of mechanical process engineering

Pollution-free process control
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Stricter occupational health and safety regulations, stringent hygiene standards and the use of sensitive electronics are making dust-, gas- and vapor-free process control a must-have.
Cold chemistry
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Processes which previously had to be carried out at high temperatures, can now be implemented by means of dispersing under high shearing and optimised pressure conditions with significantly lower process temperatures.
Less/no biocides
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Manufacturers want to reduce biocides in their products or completely avoid them – for many different reasons, i.e., because the handling of biocides is critical or because they create undesirable effects in the end product.
No cleaning agents
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Vessels are often been cleaned with cleaning agents at the end of a process. This is not just time-consuming – discharge and disposal of the cleaning waste generated is also complex.
Customisation in production technology
In process technology, due to constantly changing requirements and more frequent product updates, a flexible machine and system design is becoming increasingly important.
Process intensification
Process intensification accelerates processes, reduces energy requirements and improves the quality of the end product. This is achieved, for example, by locally intensifying the mixing effect or by increasing the enthalpy of dissolution and reaction.
Process integration
Process steps for which separate machines were often used, can now be combined in a single machine, enabling various process steps to be realised in parallel with a single system.
Intensive processes outside of the vessel
Many processes still take place inside a vessel – in the case of dispersing, this renders production processes inefficient, energy-intensive, slow, and it is difficult to ensure a consistent product quality.
Batch size reduction
Today, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, the trend is towards a decrease in batch sizes as small batches mean more flexibility, less space requirements, easier cleaning and significantly accelerated processes.
Twin tank instead of single tank
When a inline disperser is operated on two process vessels instead of one, the downtimes of the disperser can be minimised, significantly boosting the system efficiency.
Inline instead of batch
An increasing number of manufacturers are switching from batch production in a process vessel to continuous production without vessels, for large output quantities.
Slurries instead of powder
When powders are introduced individually into slurries, the raw material can be dispersed optimally. Compared to powders, slurries can be more precisely dosed, and can be more easily pumped over long distances.
Predictive Maintenance
New sensor technology and Predictive Maintenance enables the anticipatory monitoring of machines and can help predict how long critical machine components will continue to operate optimally.

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