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Technical plant for product development

Technical plants serve product and process development as well as scale-up to industrial processes. This means: The machines and tools used are not small laboratory equipment. Rather, it's all about developing and delivering a functional, high-performance system. The objective is, at a later stage, to transfer the properties and results of the pilot plant by scaling up production to an industrial scale - in the form of a larger plant.

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End product:

All end product up to about 50,000 mPas


Product and process development

Pilot plant for product development

The customer requirements:

  • Batch size: 50 to 200 l
  • Space requirement: 2 x 2 x 3 m
  • Degree of automation: Manual operation
  • Powder feed: Induction pipe or hopper
  • Data collection: Data logger
  • Tools: Absolute variable
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Advantages compared to the previous process:

The system developed by ystral combines crucial benefits making it the perfect pilot plant.

  • One such feature is the pilot plant’s flexibility and versatility. Thanks to its clearly structured design, it can be used for a variety of purposes and innovative development processes.
  • The system functions precisely and efficiently, and does not produce dust. It confidently outlines the relevant industrial production processes and makes meaningful key figures available as early as the development and testing phase. 
  • The scale-up procedure is simple and precise: If powder loading and dispersing for 150 litres takes 45 seconds, for example, then the duration during production of 3,000 litres is exactly 15 minutes with the same machine. With the larger Conti-TDS-5, the duration is only 5 minutes - with the same dispersion results, the same energy and input temperature and, of course, the same high quality.
ystral process engineer
“The pilot plant should not be inferior to the subsequent production plant - that’s why we designed our pilot plant as a fully-fledged instrument for both development and production!”

Dr. Hans-Joachim Jacob, Application and Process Engineer

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