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YSTRAL EYE Remote Solutions

Fast, remote support

With YSTRAL EYE, we offer our customers a comprehensive digital service concept. YSTRAL EYE makes numerous services possible via digital means that would otherwise require the customer's presence at ystral or vice versa: The spectrum ranges from tests to FAT, SAT, maintenance and repair work, troubleshooting, training and ongoing production support. and ongoing production support.

Our YSTRAL EYE Remote Solutions are based on AR or MR technology (Augmented and Mixed Reality), in which the real video image is enriched with additional information. Regardless of whether the service mission takes place at ystral or at your site: All persons involved share the field of view of the technician at the machine and can interact with each other during the assignment via voice or chat and exchange required documents such as circuit diagrams or graphics. After the operation, you receive reporting from us with visual material and detailed documentation.

Mixed reality technology also allows CAD models to be "projected" into real space. This enables us to break new ground in collaboration with our customers, even during design meetings.

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YSTRAL EYE: These application options are available:

Ystral employee lets customers track an operation
ystral employee

You follow the work of a ystral technician remotely on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, for example during trials, and see exactly what our employee sees.

Remote support
Ystral employee supports client through Ystral Eye
ystral employee

An ystral technician supports your employees remotely during maintenance, repair or troubleshooting, e.g. using explanatory markings directly in the live image.

Own support
Ystral specialists can also support their own colleagues remotely through Ystral Eye
ystral experts
At the customer site

An ystral technician at your site is supported on the job remotely by an ystral specialist.

Optimal service experience with ystral EYE smartglasses

YSTRAL EYE has very few technical prerequisites: in addition to a stable, unrestricted network connection, all you need is the YSTRAL EYE Remote Assist software or app. You can use ystral’s remote solutions with any common smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet – provided your firewall or virus protection settings allow the hardware and software.

To ensure the best service experience at your site, we recommend using YSTRAL EYE smartglasses: These AR data glasses leave your employees with both hands free to act without any hindrance, while all relevant information is available to them on the display. YSTRAL EYE smartglasses are suitable for use in clean rooms and ATEX environments.

Your advantages

  • Service solution for any situation: YSTRAL EYE allows us to offer you support on site when actually being there isn’t possible – for example, in the event of travel restrictions and social distancing, or when faster assistance is required.
  • Global access: remote support by ystral experts around the world
  • Prompt support: the fast response times with YSTRAL EYE keep your system downtime to a minimum
  • Time and cost savings: less travel saves you time and money, while also protecting the environment
  • Secure application: thanks to 128 BIT AES data encryption of the software we use
  • Your team’s learning curve: Because your employees are hands-on on site, they will gradually learn more and more about our systems

Voice via YSTRAL EYE

‘The combination of video conferencing with us and smartglasses with ystral worked out really well for us. We were very satisfied with the trial…

Jonathon Allen | Technical & Development Manager | Haymes Paint

‘We think that the use of data glasses is a good alternative to participating in person for smaller commissionings, but this may have to be considered…

Stefan Klapper | Technical Director | Hemmelrath Technologies GmbH

When the customer starts up the system, I supervise this process remotely. The customer wears smartglasses, which allows me to see the same thing as…

Johannes Stücklin | Process and Application Engineer | ystral gmbh

"We were surprised how easy it was to be audited remotely as a supplier according to ISO 9001 with YSTRAL EYE. The 'live transmission' from our…

Gerd Zimmermann Managing Director | Zimmermann Schweißtechnik GmbH

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