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Key Visual Innovation beats Tradition

Innovation beats tradition

Optimization in process technology – more flexibility, safety, quality

"Tried and tested" production methods and technologies in process engineering are slowing us down. While it is appealing to operate plants for as long as they still work, it is not effective – and replacing or expanding an existing plant with exactly the same "tried and tested" technology prolongs the problem by years.

Innovation and process optimization enable companies to work in a more efficient, cost-saving and environmentally friendly way. At the same time, innovative solutions increase the flexibility and safety of production processes and enable consistently high product quality.

However, innovative process engineering methods and solutions are often not even known. If you are not even aware of the possibilities, you cannot exploit their potential.

Innovative solutions in process engineering:

Mixing instead of stirring
Icon mixing in the process vessel
Traditional process engineering technologies such as agitators and dissolvers are not well suited as tools for homogeneous mixing, and the differences in effectiveness compared to innovative mixing technologies are enormous. Depending on the application, process time reductions of up to 90 % can be achieved with ystral technologies.
Realising intensive processes outside instead of inside the vessel
Icon intensive processes outside the container
In traditional process technology, many processes take place in the vessel – this includes intensive processes such as dispersing. However, intensive processes are much more effective outside the vessel, and the process parameters can be controlled better. Versatile process options can be realised with technologies from ystral.
Resource efficiency instead of resource waste
Resource efficiency icon
Innovative solutions in process technology enable a significantly more effective utilisation of resources. Powdered raw materials can be better utilised with a colloidal particle breakdown. The space requirement is significantly lower. Furthermore, new processes save on average two-thirds of the energy required when using conventional technology.
Flexible instead of rigid production technology
 Icon Flexible production technology
Manufacturers must be able to produce a large number of product variants and newly developed products. Whereas with a rigid design, machines and systems have to be completely replaced when a process is changed, with modular systems, selective adjustments are sufficient to tailor a machine or system to changing requirements.
Continuously high product quality instead of faulty batches and rework
Icon consistently high product quality
Manufacturing products of consistent and maximum quality should be a matter of course, but it is not always the case. Two main problems are inadequate technology and too much variance in the processes. With process technology solutions from ystral, however, consistently high product quality is achieved.
Hygienic design instead of poor cleanability
Icon hygienic design
By implementing machines and systems in hygienic design and optimising cleaning processes, cleaning resources can be saved and system availability and product quality improved. ystral has developed various technical solutions for effective cleaning and uses its experience from the food and pharmaceutical industries for completely different applications, such as in paint and ink production.
Safety instead of risk
Icon security
When using traditional technologies in process engineering, the risks associated with powder handling and powder injection into liquids are often underestimated. Health and explosion risks can be completely eliminated if powders are sucked directly into the liquid without dust and processed in a closed system.
Inline instead of batch
Icon mixing inline
More and more users are switching from batch production in a process container to continuous production without a process container for large production volumes. In addition to pure liquid processes, powder materials can also be processed in a continuous process. ystral technologies offer various options for this.
Integration of new technologies instead of “Continue as before”
Icon Integration of new technologies
When existing process plants reach their performance limits, do not deliver sufficient quality or no longer fulfil current safety requirements, it is not always necessary to replace the entire plant. By using new mixing technology directly in the process tank or by using machines connected externally via pipework, existing systems can also be upgraded and operated with greater efficiency and safety in future.

"Innovation beats tradition": online seminars with Dr. Hans-Joachim Jacob

Find out more about innovative solutions in process engineering in our two online seminars with Dr. Hans-Joachim Jacob, Senior Expert Process and Applications at ystral.

The seminar "Innovation beats tradition – optimization in process technology" is available as a recording. The seminar "Innovation beats tradition – more flexibility, safety, quality" will take place in English as a live event on Thursday, 16 May 2024 in two identical sessions: an early session from 09:00 am - 10:00 am CEST and a late session form 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM CEST.

Key Visual Webinar Recording Innovation instead of tradition

Online seminar "Innovation beats tradition: optimization in process technology"

Key Visual Webinar Recording Innovation instead of tradition 2

Online seminar "Innovation beats tradition: more flexibility, safety and quality"

Whitepaper "Innovation beats tradition"

In our 24-page whitepaper you will learn

  • in which areas the most significant improvements are achieved through innovative technologies in process engineering
  • how manufacturing processes can be implemented efficiently with mixing and dispersing technologies from ystral
  • how users from various industries – from food to chemical products, paints & coatings to household & cosmetics – benefit concretely by switching from traditional technologies to ystral solutions

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