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2. Powder wetting  

Powder wetting
Everyone knows the problem when making pancakes: the flour, i.e. the powder, has to mix with the milk and eggs, i.e. the fluids, without forming lumps. In process engineering, this…
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4. Process development  
Our core competence
Process development
Processes and technologies for mixing, dispersion and powder-wetting form the core competence of ystral. Before a product can be manufactured on a larger…
5. Processes  
Adapting tried-and-tested processes individually to ever-changing requirements and implementing them successfully - that is what drives us.  In doing so, we not only consider the…
6. Process development  
From development to realisation
The requirements for the necessary main components and machines are defined based on the process-engineering process. Of course your specific execution…
7. Powder handling  
Powder handling
Is powder handling a daily challenge in your industry? Before powders are processed, they first have to be fed into the specific processing machine (e.g. YSTRAL Conti-TDS). Pick-up…
8. Videos & Animations  
ystral technology
Basics of powder wetting
When dispersing powder into liquids, the size of the powder particles plays a key role. The finer the powder particles are, the larger the surface for…
9. Conti-TDS  
The No. 1 in powder wetting

10. Automation  
Control techniques – YCS YSTRAL Control System
From simple button controls to complex automation systems – you decide the extent of our services. With all YSTRAL control systems, you have a high…
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