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YSTRAL Flex FSA emptying aid

Flex FSA

The Flex FSA is an emptying aid for poorly flowing powder from big bag emptying stations, powder silos and sack emptying stations. It guarantees residue-free emptying. A pneumatic rocker on the rear “rocks” the hopper, a pneumatic lump breaker works at the lowest point so that bridges and blockages are loosened. The FlexFSA is made from EPDM and has a volume of 40 litres. Other materials (e.g. NBR, FKM and silicone) are available on request, as is a pneumatic shaker.

The flange connection sizes allow 1:1 interchangeability with our FSA-5.

Your benefits

  • Residue-free emptying
  • Hopper shape without interfering edges or dead space in the product area
  • Low risk of bridge formation thanks to flexible walls
  • No electrical drive required, less energy consumption as a result
  • Pneumatic emptying aids (pushers and shakers) improve powder flow
  • FDA-conforming materials (standard)
  • Electro-statically conductive materials for explosion hazard areas (standard)
  • Easy to assemble design
What can we do for your process?

What can we do for your process?

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Michele Schmehrer