High shear gradients with the rotor-stator-principle

The ystral high performance Inline dispersing machines work according to the rotor-stator-principle with high shear gradient. Due to the narrow gap in-between rotor and stator as well as the high peripheral speed of the rotating rotor a strong shear gradient is generated. Through the slots, in-between of the teeth of the rotor the product is forced into the shear zone and again leaves it through the stator slots. Due to the geometry with many teeth additional mechanical forces are applied to the product to be dispersed.

  • Batch dispersing directly in the vessel or in a loop
  • Inline-Dispersing in one passage
  • Short and reproducible processes
  • Precise and – if required – multiple stage systems are available
  • Narrow spectrum of droplets as well as complete de-agglomeration for suspensions
  • 3A certification – easy cleaning by CIP
  • Self pumping for low and medium viscosity products
  • Peripheral speed up to 54 m/s