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ystral Speaker at seminars in autumn 2019

We always keep our eyes and ears open to find good events.

But this article does not deal with events in which ystral participates, it is about seminars in which our employees are requested - such requests are of course very welcome, because it is praise and appreciation to the respective speakers and at the same time of course proves what we promise in our communication as ystral value of "expertise" to our customers.

So we are very pleased to be able to name and recommend 5 seminars in Europe this autumn alone, at which ystral employees will give lectures.

In addition, there will be several exhibitions and conferences this autumn - find out which ystral is participating. On the exhibitions APCS, CTT, WCS ystral is additionally represented with a lecture.

We would be pleased to see you at one or the other event as a visitor and listener.

Dispergieren: Theorie und Praxis in der Lackherstellung (Vincentz Network)
Location: Essen, Germany
Further information and registration

Dispergieren von Pulvern in Flüssigkeiten, Seminar für die allgemeine Industrie und Nicht-Farbe-und-Lack-Anwendungen (Haus der Technik e. V.)
Place: Haus der Technik, Essen, Germany
Further information and registration

Dispersion: Theory and practice in coatings production
 (Vincentz Network)
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Further information and registration

15. + 16.10.2019
European Coatings Technology Forum: Optimizing cost and process in paint formulations
 (Vincentz Network)
Location: Berlin, Germany
Further information and registration

Schüttgut Forum: Pulververarbeitung unter Staub- und Gas-Ex-BedingungenPulververarbeitung unter Staub- und Gas-Ex-Bedingungen

Location: Marienberg Fortress, Würzburg, Germany
Further information and registration


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