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Learn which trends and megatrends will shape the future of mechanical process engineering

Whatyou will find in this 30-page whitepaper:

  • Analyses on 13 of the most important trends in mechanical process engineering
  • Innovative solutions in terms of process technology from different industries
  • Implementation examples with technologies from  ystral

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Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim JacobSenior Expert Process and Applications

"With the trends in mechanical process engineering that we have selected for this white paper, our primary aim is to draw readers' attention to possibilities beyond megatrends such as cybersecurity or artificial intelligence that they may be unaware of - and perhaps cause one or two "aha" moments. We also hope to promote exchange between different areas of the process industry and help users from different sectors - whether paint and coatings, food, pharma or cosmetics - to learn from each other and gain new ideas for their everyday production.“


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