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Saving energy through more effective process technology

With modern mixing and dispersing technology, the energy requirement can be significantly reduced compared to conventional processes with agitators or dissolvers. Depending on the application, a reduction in energy requirements of up to 90 % is possible. Learn about 8 decisive levers that manufacturers can use to reduce the energy requirements of their manufacturing processes and find out how processes can be implemented in an energy-efficient manner using technologies from mixing and dispersion technology specialist ystral.

Reduce process times
Modern mixing and dispersing technologies can drastically shorten process times - this leads to significantly reduced energy requirements even with a higher power input.
Minimise mill use
Mill use can be significantly reduced using modern dispersion technology - in many applications, subsequent grinding can be eliminated completely.
Enable cold processing
Many processes that previously had to be carried out at high temperatures can be cold-processed by dispersing under high shear and optimised pressure conditions.
Reduce space requirements
For the same output, a modern mixing and dispersing plant requires only 25 % of the building volume that would be needed if conventional technologies were used.
Achieve reproducible results
Reworking of the product - previously common practice in the production of paints and varnishes - is no longer necessary when using modern technologies, and the risk of faulty batches is minimized.
Work at the Best Efficiency Point
Working at maximum efficiency is difficult to achieve with a dissolver, for example, but is easily possible in a closed-loop process with modern mixing and dispersing technology.
Optimise cleaning
By optimising and automating cleaning processes and reducing the size of the plants, the time and thus also the energy required for cleaning can be reduced.
Eliminate interim storage
With effective mixing and dispersing technology, the product can be taken directly to filling without the space- and energy-intensive intermediate storage that is otherwise often necessary.

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