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ystral process system

Pilot plant for product and process development

The pilot plant should be as small as possible and as large as necessary so that as many tests as possible can be run on it in a short time. However, it should be noted that this pilot plant should serve as a blueprint for the subsequent industrial production process.

The PiloTec plant was especially developed for this situation. As a compact pilot plant, it covers a range of 5 to 75 litres with exchangeable containers of different sizes. This means that a large number of tests can be run with small-scale approaches in the first step. In the next step, larger quantities can be produced with a larger container on the same machine, e.g. as product samples.

Small batches are also advantageous in the processing of expensive raw materials or hazardous substances.

All sectors
End product:

All end products up to around 10,000 mPas


Product and process development

The customer requirements:

  • Batch size: 5 to 75 l
  • Space requirement: about 1.6 x 0.8 x 1.7 m
  • Degree of automation: Manual operation
  • Powder feed: Suction tube or funnel
  • Data collection: Data logger
  • Tools: Absolute variable
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Advantages compared to the previous process:

  • Absorb, wet and disperse powder without dust and loss
  • Colloidal wetting under a vacuum
  • Emulsifying, homogenising, wet grinding and mixing - even without shear force
ystral Managing Director and Co-Owner
"At our ystral test centre we also use the PiloTec plant in conjunction with our customers for extensive serial testing (product and process development) or for when large quantities of raw material cannot be processed in the run-up to a project. We are on the "safe side" and know that the results can be transferred to a production plant at any time".

David Manke, Managing Director, Process and Application Engineer

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Pilot plant for product and process development
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