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Always with your mixing process in mind.

What we mean by that: If you have a challenging mixing requirement, then we will show passion, dedication and professional expertise. Every one of our process and application engineering experts knows this desire: to perfect the process. To make it more efficient, more reliable and more profitable. We provide exceptional added value:

✔ Your mixing process becomes more efficient and profitable

You receive a custom and optimised solution

✔ We advise you personally – from the idea to commissioning

✔ Your investment usually pays off in less than a year

And what can we do for your process?

What it means to always have your mixing process in mind

People, machines and added value

It is our process and application engineering experts who, with their passion for process optimisation, create higher efficiency and profitability. They guarantee a fast return on investment. Take a look behind the scenes in this video. The enthusiasm of our process engineers extends to the restaurant and your own living room – but why not see for yourself!

Four times passion in action

Do you know when an idea just won’t let you go? That is how our process and application engineering experts sometimes feel, even after hours. The following videos show just how much creativity is produced when “the mind is always on mixing”. Have fun watching!

Process time icon

Process time

Is your process too time-consuming? Are your process systems in production occupied for too long to be efficient? In most cases, processes can be made more efficient. Our experienced experts can help you to significantly reduce process times: with the plant engineering, machines and concepts – tailored to your individual mixing requirements.

Icon for space requirement

Space requirements

Would you like to increase your capacity, but your available space is already exhausted? By modifying your existing process and/or relying on new technologies, you can still reach your goal. We will be happy to analyse together which solution will add the most value to your production. Often a closer look reveals that no more space is needed at all to increase the capacity of a plant.

USP Energy Icon

Ressources and energy

In your industries, are energy and resources critical cost factors? Often, a few adjustments in production can reduce costs considerably. We have proven time and again that, with a plant analysed and improved by our process engineers, we will achieve significant resource savings and a fast ROI.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In the beginning, YSTRAL machines and plant engineering were mainly used in the food industry. But, since the 1970s, our machines have been used in many different sectors. In the chemical industry, for example, they are used in the production of lacquers, paints and coatings, as well as in adhesives, sealants and insulating materials. Do you want to produce a cleaning or care product? No problem for our machines and systems. In the cosmetics industry, ystral machines are used to produce deodorants, fragrances, gels, hair lacquers, shampoos and sunscreens. In the pharmaceutical industry, they are used for gels, ointments, suspensions and tablet coatings. As our machines and equipment are extremely versatile, we look forward to every new challenge.

Trials are generally possible in the presence of the customer. Alternatively, the trial can take place without customers, with an appropriate protocol and the collection of samples. Or we can provide you with test machines on loan. Meaning that you can test them and perform your own trials on-site. Our YSTRAL EYE offers our customers a comprehensive AR- and MR-based service concept, enabling a wide range of digital services that would otherwise require the customer's presence at ystral or vice versa: from trials to FAT, SAT, maintenance and repair work to troubleshooting, training and ongoing production support.

Find out more about ystral eye

In principle, trials can be carried out with flammable or explosive media. However, safety data sheets are required for this. Some H-phrases are excluded if, for example, substances are involved that are toxic upon skin contact or inhalation, or that are explosive (even without oxygen). For more detailed information on this, please feel free to contact us at any time.

A wide variety of trials can be carried out on-site at the centre. Together with our process engineers, you can develop new efficient production processes or improve existing ones. All with original ystral machines and your raw materials. Discover a whole new side to them. The trials are documented in detail. If you prefer to test in your familiar environment, you can rent ystral test machines. We will be happy to accompany you during the trials on-site and during commissioning.

We use the optical microscope to examine your samples with regard to various factors: Both density measurement and particle size analysis with dynamic light scattering are possible. We can also determine viscosities using various measuring methods with and without tempering, and we can plot curves of various shear rates. We are also happy to take care of sample collection and return.

From the very beginning, we deal intensively with your requirements, your inquiry and you. The requirement definition and initial analysis are, therefore, steps of intensive cooperation between our process engineers and you. Then we go to the test centre together to get to know your formulas, processes and raw materials better. An initial concept is developed from these collected findings. Once the concept has been approved, it is time to build the new plant and put it into operation together.

You can reach us during regular business hours by phone or email. Furthermore, we also offer consultations via video chat, Skype, Webex, 3CX or Teams.

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What can we do for your process?

What can we do for your process?

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Michele Schmehrer

  • Latest information on industries and applications
  • Important dates including free exhibition admission tickets
  • Insights into our company