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Process system for the production of paints, lacquers and adhesives

Our customer is a manufacturer of paints, lacquers and adhesives for, among others, the packaging industry. This customer values the importance of maintaining an effective work process, with little or no loss of material in terms of solvents and powders, and ensuring safe working conditions at all times. Large batches of powder have to be absorbed, wetted and dispersed or dissolved smoothly, and production capacity also has to be increased in the process: The previous dissolving (and related production) time was approximately 8 hours for 4 tonnes. By using YSTRAL technology, this has been reduced to approximately 2-3 hours, thereby quadrupling production capacity in some cases. Due to the avoidance of solvent loss, one hundred per cent reproducibility is established.

Paint, lacquer and adhesive production
End product:

Industrial lacquer systems, heat-seal lacquers and special coatings.


Adhesive for bonding a wide variety of materials, e.g. for sealing yoghurt pots, milk jars, Nespresso capsules.

Ystral reference installation for paint, varnish and adhesive production

The customer requirements:

  • Capacity: 5 t/h
  • Batch size: 5 t
  • Filler proportion: max. 45%
  • Space requirement: 7.5 x 8.0 x 4.5 m
  • Degree of automation: ystral controlling system professional+ (fully automated, batch system)
  • Powder feed: Bag emptying station and TDS suction device
  • Cleanability: WIP = wash in place
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Advantages compared to the previous process:

  • Effective working process with little or no loss of material in terms of solvent and powder.
  • One hundred per cent product reproducibility, because there is no more solvent loss
  • No solvent vapours are generated in the employees’ work area. Subsequently, our solution makes a valuable contribution to ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety conditions.
  • Explosion-protection compliant construction of the process system.
  • A high degree of automation avoids the sources of error in the process.
  • Significant reduction in production time. When compared to the previous process, production time has been halved for the same batch size.
  • Powder loss has been visibly reduced – the hall appears completely free of powder dust.
  • The plant is ultra-reliable and requires little maintenance.
Denis Hunn
“The formation of agglomerates is prevented right from the start by this vacuum technology. However, the biggest advantage of the Conti-TDS is that it prevents solvent loss and guarantees explosion protection, as well as a high degree of automation. This avoids errors and guarantees an effective work process.”

Denis Hunn, Application and Process Engineer

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