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Processing plant for hardeners or resin formulations

The Conti-TDS technology is ideally suited to the production of hardeners or resin formulations. These are needed, for example, to laminate the rotors of wind turbines. The previous process was not without negative side effects. The aim was therefore not only to optimise the existing process, but also to realise time and cost savings in terms of production. Due to its compact design, ystral plant can also be used in environments where space is tight. The plant stands for maximum efficiency with perfect quality.

End product:

Various hardeners or resin formulations with silica content


Resin and hardener for the lamination of wind turbine rotors

ystral process systems Hardeners or resin formulations

The customer requirements:

  • Batch size: Useful volume up to two tonnes
  • Filler proportion: Filler content up to 10 percent (max.)
  • Space requirement: about 6.7 x 5.3 x 7.7 m
  • Degree of automation: high
  • Powder feed: Big bag station
  • Cleanability: low, because it is always the same product
  • Data collection: Data logger
  • Tools: Absolute variable
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Advantages compared to the previous process:

  • Due to the optimal wetting of the silica, a reproducible product is guaranteed with the Conti-TDS technology.
  • The colloidal wetting of the individual particles is extremely reliable. This means that fewer raw materials are consumed.
  • The addition of the powders (via the big bag station) ensures an almost clean and loss-free process.
  • There is no additional external air intake. Transportation of the powder is realised under vacuum in a dense flow.
ystral process engineer
"The big challenge is to link individual process steps in such a way that the manufacturing process is optimised. This has been achieved here. The result: The customer saves manpower, resources and therefore money – without compromising quality!"

Stephan Bizer, Process and Application Engineer

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