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Process plant for the fabrication of pharmaceutical gel

ystral was able to support the Waisenmedizin e.V. in the technical challenge of producing a medical gel for the treatment of leishmaniasis: in the conventional mixing process air is injected into the gel so that the wound to be treated is not sealed airtight. Therefore, a downstream degassing of the product would have to take place which however evaporates an active ingredient and makes the manufactured product ineffective.

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Pharmaceutical industry
End product:

Wound-healing gel


Dispersing sodium chlorite and fillers in water

ystral process system Pilotec-Plant

The customer requirements:

  • Batch size: max. 10 l/Charge
  • Space requirement: 9 m³
  • Degree of automation: manual operation
  • Powder feed: Powder hopper 20 l
  • Cleanability: Wash in place (WIP) / manual
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Advantages compared to the previous process:

During mixing of the solid and liquid ingredients air was introduced in the conventional process. These air entrapments avoided the "mechanical" effect of the gel which is why a downstream degassing process was necessary. In the degassing process an active ingredient evaporates, making the gel also ineffective.

  • No air entry into the product scale-up from small quantities to production scale possible
  • Laboratory scale batch sizes from 3l
  • Maximum raw material utilization
  • Minimum residual quantities
  • All process parts can be easily dismantled for cleaning
  • GMP compliant
  • Licence to produce medical products/pharmaceuticals in a pharmacy
Prof. Kurt-Wilhelm Stahl
"Due to what is known as the “vacuum expansion method” the ingredients of the gel are mixed together without any air entrapments. The powder is not added to the liquid from above, but rather drawn into the liquid without dust and losses by creating a vacuum. This process is less time-consuming and leads to the desired better quality and 100% reproducibility. With ystral's technology we have succeeded in producing the gel in reliable quality and in obtaining the necessary approvals to produce the medical gel".

Prof. Kurt-Wilhelm Stahl, President of Waisenmedizin e.V.

Waisenmedizin e.V. from Freiburg has been committed to patient-oriented missions in the field of neglected, what is known as "orphan" diseases since 2000, for example leishmaniasis - a widespread disease that causes a face to be turned into a face.

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