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Some powders have poor flow properties (for example, they flow with difficulty or form bridges) and have to be prepared with powder fluidisers.

The powder fluidiser FSA-5 mechanically loosens the powder with one or two rotors, which already produces a mixture and results in a continuous powder flow. It is used with vacuum transport systems such as the YSTRAL Conti-TDS or even in combination with big bag stations, vessels, hoppers and sack pouring or emptying stations for low-dust/dust-free powder processing.

The FSA-5 has a low construction height, is available in different materials (stainless steel, PE, PE electrically conductive), can be wet cleaned entirely inside and out and are WIP-capable and GMP-conforming as a special design.


  • Fill level monitor
  • Fill level probe
  • Oscillation aerator
  • Aerator nozzle BD 100 (stainless steel for pharmaceutical version)
  • Suction hose aeration
  • Aeration mushroom


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