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Flex Silo

Flex Silo is a flexible silo made from polyester (FDS-conform) as powder supply for the YSTRAL Conti-TDS technology. The silo material is electro-statically conductive (< 108 Ω surface resistance). The silo is fed by pneumatic transport, sack emptying station, big bag. It can be combined with the emptying aids YSTRAL FSA-5 or YSTRAL FlexFSA. The basic dimensions of the FlexSilo are standardised but can be adjusted to customer specifications, just like the silo and frame materials. The accessible platform can be adjusted with project-specific ports.

Also available:

  • Pneumatic emptying aid
  • Pneumatic pusher
  • Load cells
  • Weighing section
  • Sensors

Added value:

  • Cost-efficient powder silo
  • Cheap shipping, as no oversized packaging
  • Small footprint compared to round silos
  • Flexible material improves efficient emptying
  • Low risk of bridge formation thanks to flexible walls
  • Low empty weight
  • FDA-conforming materials available
  • Electro-statically conductive materials available for use in explosive areas
  • Easy assembly
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What can we do for your process?

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