High shear gradients with the rotor-stator-system

The ystral high performance dispersing machines work according to the rotor-stator-principle with high shear gradient. The extremely fine distribution of the solids (suspensions) and liquids (emulsions) into a basic medium is the result of the interaction of different reducing principles. The high precision dispersing tools are individually adapted to the processing task.

  • Robust rotor-stator tools with a narrow radial gap care for high shear speed
  • The centrifugal forces in the rotor simultaneously produce a circulation of the medium
  • Impact and high frequency pressure and decompression result in a strong dispersing effect
  • Solid particles und/or droplets reliably are reduced in size and homogeneously distributed
  • Different pairings of the rotor/stator allow an adaptation to the respective application
  • Batch dispersing directly in a vessel
  • No rotating of the contents in the vessel – no Vortex builds up and no air is inducted
  • No free running shaft
  • Installation into a vessel from top, side or in conjunction with a mobile lift