Dust-reduced induction, suspending and dissolving of powders into a liquid

TDS induction mixers induct powders, liquids or gases below the surface of the liquid and simultaneously homogenize the contents in the vessel. The vacuum required for the induction is created in the mixing head. With a flange or a traverse, the machine is installed from top into a vessel. As an alternative, the TDS induction mixer may be attached to a moveable lift.

  • Dust-free induction of powders into a liquid, mixing and dispersing – all in one machine
  • Dust contamination during powder induction directly from a bag is avoided
  • Effective micro- and macro mixing of the complete contents in the vessel while simultaneously inducting powders
  • Complete material exchange and homogeneity throughout the process vessel due to the Jetstream mixing principle
  • Even liquids and gases may be inducted
  • Immediate wetting below the surface of the liquid
  • Adhesion of powder to the wall of the vessels or installed components is avoided