Effectively melt wax and fat

The YSTRAL Milling-DISPERMIX mills and disperses fat and wax blocks in two steps. At first the machine is started with a counter clock rotation whereby the blocks are sucked from below into the preceding rotor blades – the blocks are milled down to smaller pieces. In the second step, the sense of rotation is changed and the product is treaded inside the DISPERMIX head. This causes an intensive mixing of the contents in the vessel due to the micro and macro mixing effect and simultaneously completely disperses the product. Melting and dissolving processes are accelerated.

  • Considerable reduction of melting and dissolving times
  • Effective micro and macro mixing of the complete contents in the vessel without air induction
  • Different sizes of slots allow the adaptation to the respective application
  • Installation into a vessel from top, sideways or operation with a moveable lift