Our machines for your research and development - YSTRAL PiloTec

The newest generations of multifunctional YSTRAL PiloTec processing systems offer the possibility to use established production processes in the laboratory as well.
On the basis of the Conti-TDS-Technology we can induct, wet and disperse under vacuum - all in one machine. An easy exchange of the tools allows the operation in an innovative Multi-Z- or Z-Inline process with high precision multistage shear ring systems.

Established processes and a specific energy input independent from the batch size guarantee excellent and uniform results. The result easily may be transferred to the production sale – a safe scale-up to ystral processing systems.

  • Induct powder dust- and loss-free
  • Colloidal wetting under vacuum
  • Dispersing
  • Emulsifying
  • Homogenizing
  • Wet grinding
  • Mixing – even without input of shear energy

The modular design permits the extension to PiloTec processing systems with ystral mixing technology, systems for handling powders and liquids, monitoring and measuring and sensors, lifts and other modular components.

  • Production in batch or Inline operation, best flexibility
  • Even with already available vessels
  • Easy handling for exchanging tools
  • No separate pump for discharge required
  • ATEX-conformiy
  • CIP/SIP-capable
  • 3A-certified
  • Hygienic Design