Mixing and dispersing with one machine

The ystral-DISPERMIX is used for applications where mixing only is not sufficient but high shear dispersing would be too intensive. The DISPERMIX head causes an intensive mixing of the contents of the vessel in the micro and macro range and simultaneously completely disperses the product. Any additionally processing by, for example a shear ring is unnecessary. Due to an optimal mixing and dispersing efficiency, highest economic and easy use of the installed mixing tools the DISPERMIX fulfils the highest requirements to challenging production processes.

  • Effective micro- and macro mixing of the complete contents in the vessel without air introduction
  • Simultaneous disintegration of agglomerates and thus a better wetting
  • Even heavy sediments are suspended and dispersed
  • Different sizes of slots allow an adaptation to the respective application
  • Rotating parts are protected against accidental touching
  • Installation to a vessel from top, side or in conjunction with a mobile lift