DaiTec - the Conti-TDS for the food industry

The DaiTec offers all advantages of the Conti-TDS Technology and is specifically tailored to the requirements of the dairy and food industries.

It is featured by its 3A certified design and a powder handling table with an ergonomic working height. The machine is connected directly to an existing vessel and can be operated with a low effort. Due to the strong induction vacuum besides the induction from a hopper, an induction tube can be used to induct and disperse directly from a powder container.

  • Even strongly sticky and thickening powders may be inducted and dispersed fast and clean
  • Liquids such as oils may be inducted and emulsified as well out of a barrel
  • Due to the simple set-up a trouble-free operation is guaranteed
  • The machine may be CIP-cleaned and with the fast clamping system it is easy to open and may be assembled without any problem and tension-less
  • 3A certified design