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Inline dispersers

In inline dispersers, the product is fed through a rotor-stator system. The inline dispersers do not work in a vessel with the product to be dispersed, but instead process the product using the circulation method, this means that the product is fed through the closed dispersing machine. Dispersing machines are suitable for manufacturing suspensions, solutions and emulsions. Because of the high shearing forces inside the machine, a high level of product homogenisation is achieved.

Inline dispersers

Our inline dispersers process the product using the circulation method.

YSTRAL process system decorative emulsion paint

Inline dispersers can be used for wet milling (Z-inline-Disperser, PiloTec/PiloTec Plant) to achieve complete deagglomeration. They ensure loss-free vessel emptying and depending on the design can add powder into the fluid in a vacuum (Conti-TDS, DaiTec-Conti-TDS, Batt-TDS). They are suitable for various batch sizes and can even be used at the laboratory scale (PiloTec/PiloTec Plant), but can also be expanded as a result of the modular design to create process system (PiloTec Plant). Our inline dispersers, which are used in the food industry, can be 3A-certified, can be used specifically for the production of lithium-ion batteries and are CIP-capable (Z-inline-Disperser, DaiTec-Conti-TDS, PiloTec/PiloTec Plant, Batt-TDS).  

Inline dispersers are used above all in the chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, paints, coatings and inks and household and cosmetics industries

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