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ystral employee receives VDI sponsorship award 2022

Our employee Elias Bergmann receives the VDI sponsorship award 2022 from the DHBW in Lörrach for his bachelor's thesis in mechanical engineering.

Our DHBW Lörrach student Elias Bergmann, completed his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering this September and, in the course of his bachelor's thesis, developed a new technology that can save costs in the construction of industrial plants. For his Bachelor's thesis entitled "Development of a Batch Mixing System without Rotating Parts", he was awarded the VDI Sponsorship Prize.

If Elias Bergmann has his way, plants for the production of chocolate sauce could be produced much more cheaply in future. But water-based coatings in the chemical industry could also be mixed with lower manufacturing costs for plant manufacturers. "I have developed a system that would reduce the manufacturing costs for the mixing system of such plants by 50 per cent," Bergmann explains. This makes one sit up and take notice, in view of rising energy prices, which are increasingly burdening not only private individuals but also machine builders.

Since Elias Bergmann completed his training as a mechanical engineer at Ystral, it was only natural to get involved with optimising manufacturing. "I have always been interested in mechanics," says the 21-year-old. His bachelor's thesis is entitled "Development of a batch mixing system without rotating parts", which the layman does not understand. Bergmann smiles politely and launches into an attempt to explain: Until now, he says, mixing - think chocolate sauce - required a complex system. This includes a stirrer with an electric motor and roller bearings. Thanks to his development, the stirrer would no longer be needed to mix the container. Because: "The complex machine is replaced by piping and a lump of metal."

The new mixing system works not only in theory, but also in practice. Bergmann built a prototype that makes very good use of an energy available in a ystral system to mix the container. "The trials were the highlight. I was allowed to mix and research with my prototype," says Bergmann, who is delighted about the award for his Bachelor's thesis. The prize is awarded by the Association of German Engineers for Innovations. An outstanding piece of work, the jury judged unanimously. However, it may take some time until the product is ready for the market. Before that, Bergmann and his colleagues would have to put a lot of research work into the project.


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