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Rethink your production process - especially in difficult times!

We are all experiencing a time that brings new challenges to us on a daily basis.

Today, COVID-19 determines our actions - and thus also all our internal processes. There is much uncertainty so what is the next step? We at ystral are taking various actions to ensure we can continuously provide you with the best possible support because we know from process engineering how important functioning processes are. That is why we protect our employees: wherever possible they work from home. special care is taken with risk groups. Instead of business trips and visits from external partners, telephone calls or web conferencing have been implemented in their place. This also applies to internal meetings. In our production department, the entire team works at high capacity in compliance with the hygienic safety recommendations. In short: we endeavour to keep our business operations running so we can continue to be there for you as usual. 

Our company was recently classified as a company that belongs to the "system relevant critical infrastructure of the Federal Republic of Germany" according to the "Regulation for the Determination of Critical Infrastructures". This means that we have the right and at the same time the obligation to be able to pursue our business without restriction throughout the entire period of the coronavirus crisis, even in possible shutdown phases.

Many of our products are used in industries that are currently under particular pressure - pharmacy, food and chemistry, for example, but also in sectors such as the paint and coatings as well as cosmetics industry. Especially now, the importance of smooth, safe and efficient mixing processes is becoming more apparent along with the benefit from the know-how and professional advice of our experts.

We did not hesitate to help the community from the neighbourhood. The fire brigade in Heitersheim informed us that there are bottlenecks of disinfectants in medical practices, nursing homes, pharmacies and emergency services. As a result we produced 20 litres of surface disinfectant and 160 litres of hand disinfectant in our trial center which was filled into special bottles provided by the fire brigade. The raw materials provided to us by the pharmacy. We are glad that we were able to give back a small contribution to our region with our knowledge and technology.

Even though all exhibitions are currently being cancelled, most of the new exhibition dates are already planned. Until we can meet again in person, we will be available via all digital channels to support you at your convenience. 

The best way to get in touch is by telephone or e-mail. You can find your personal contact via the contact person search, we will gladly arrange an appointment with you via video conference. We are looking forward to a good cooperation

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What can we do for your process?

What can we do for your process?

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