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110% MIXING SOLUTIONS in moving pictures

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Basics of powder wetting

When dispersing powder into liquids, the size of the powder particles plays a key role. The finer the powder particles are, the larger the surface for wetting can be… up to thousands of square meters per kilogram of powder.

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Rethink your production process

It is time to rethink your mixing process! ystral develops and manufactures customized process systems that generate significant and proven savings in process time, floor space, ressources and energy consumption. We build custom mixing, dispersing and powder wetting machines for fluid mechanical engineering.

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YSTRAL YouTube channel

You can find more videos and animations of our mixing, dispersing and powder wetting machines and process systems on our YouTube channel. Check in regularly and subscribe to our channel to not miss the latest uploads!


What can we do for your process?

What can we do for your process?

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