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Online seminar: You will taste the difference! Food production with ystral process technology (en)

Thursday, 13 October 2022, 09:00 - 10:30 AM CEST & 04:00 - 05:30 PM CEST


Mechanical process technology does indeed have an enormous influence on taste, consistency, mouth-feeling and ultimately also on the visual appearance of food. If you choose the wrong machines or tools, you will not achieve the required fineness. If you disperse too late or for too long, the creamy consistency turns into sliminess. If you disperse with the wrong intensity, hydration is incomplete, the dough becomes too dry, the sauce contains lumps or the milk fat coagulates and separates.

In the food industry, you often find the most beautiful systems made of polished stainless steel with the most expensive valve clusters, numerous sensors and highly automated controls, but paired with the most primitive inline mixers, inhomogeneously acting dispersers and the cheapest and often inadequate agitators.

However, this calculation with the cheapest process technology does not really add up. Shear-sensitive formulation components such as proteins, thickeners and stabilisers have to be increased in proportion to compensate for their loss of effectiveness due to too long shearing time or the filtering out of insufficiently disintegrated lumps. Optimised ystral process technology may save costs in the range of a hundered thousand Euro per year. In addition, many thickeners mask the taste - so less thickener means not only cost reduction but also more intense taste and higher quality.

Mixing, dispersing, emulsifying - these are our strengths. With our technologies, the differences to other common processes are huge. In the seminar, the advantages are demonstrated with three typical applications in food production.

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