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Online seminar: Cleaner, Cosmetics, Home & Personal Care: More effectively produced with ystral (en)

Thursday, 9 February 2023, 09:00 - 10:45 AM CET & 04:00 - 05:45 PM CET

If you compare the standards of process technology in different industries, you will be surprised: The highest qualitative level is not found in the pharmaceutical industry, but primarily in home and personal care production. And there is a reason for this.

The most expensive process equipment is definitely found in the pharmaceutical industry, that’s clear. But unfortunately, they are sometimes at a questionable level in terms of process technology. We have seen substances being stirred with a stick, magnetic stirrers not circulating the entire vessel at all, or sequences of process steps that were really illogical, but the process was validated just like that. Any change would lead to a chain of new qualifications and validations in many countries. So any improvement is better avoided completely.

Home and personal care production is quite different. It is characterised by constantly changing market trends and new products. If you want to be profitable in such an industry, you have to be able to react immediately. The machines and equipment must be flexible enough to react quickly and easily to new raw materials, new requirements and new product ideas from your marketing department. Incidentally, the same requirements apply to contract manufacturers and OEMs without an own product marketing. For this reason, this industry always invests in the best technology. Production must be efficient, future-oriented, safe and cost-effective.

This is exactly where our strengths are. We know the processes, know the raw materials - often even better than the users themselves - and produce flexible machines and systems that meet all these requirements. We know the current trends in this industry and how to react to them. And we not only follow trends, we also set them.

In our seminar on November 17th Dr Hans-Joachim Jacob will talk about the special features in the production of Home and Personal Care products, Industrial and Institutional Cleaners and Cosmetic products and explain with a few examples which advantages you can achieve with our machines and systems. We would be pleased if you attend.

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EARLY-SESSION 09:00-10:45 MEZ   LATE-SESSION 16:00 - 17:45 MEZ

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