ystral – A Think Tank in Process Technology

For more than 40 years

We owe our success to our knowledge, our experience – as well as our passion for our assignments and our customers. ystral know-how constitutes the basis for our solutions.

ystral encourages and supports that the knowledge is shared throughout the company. Our process- and application engineers for example continually participate in a long-term training and learing process, to successfully bring in their knowledge to the market. The result: they are part of the qualified specialists in their field and are known as experts world-wide.

The large portion of our employees in the field of engineering, process- and application engineering clearly shows the focal point of our enterprise and the core competence of ystral.

Our experts discuss the task at hand, in the mechanics of fluids at common level and share their knowledge while maintaining their attention to the details.

This generates solutions for your applications that fully deserve the affirmation "110% MIXING SOLUTIONS".