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Supercharge your battery
slurry process

Fast lithium-ion electrode slurry mixing


From Binder to Batt-TDS

Ystral has been the leading company for dispersion and dissolution processes for numerous individual components such as PVDF, CMC, carbon black and graphite across multiple industries for more than 20 years. Ystral solutions can be incorporated to enhance your existing processes such as reducing binder or conductive paste preparation time, improving quality, lowering energy costs and minimising equipment footprints.



With the surge in demand for lithium-ion batteries, ystral set out to develop something special for the industry. The ystral development team did not conclude by merely mastering each process in an application development activity, but instead leveraged its extensive experience to build all required functions into a single platform for slurry production.

Our trial centre

ystral’s state-of-the-art trial facility is available for formulation and process evaluation. The navi is sufficiently compact that it resides in a floor-mounted fume hood for handling NMP in compliance with REACH Restriction 71. Sensitive powders at R&D scale are safely handled within our sealed glovebox and powder containment hopper isolation system.

Customers are invited to attend trials with their component materials either in person or remotely using our augmented reality platform.


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