ystral competence in the production of gels and ointments

For the production of gels and ointments the Conti-TDS technology offers the possibility to induct powdery gel formers into a basic liquid and to immediately disperse the same to an agglomerate free mixture. Directly after induction, the raw material is completely combusted and carefully dispersed with an additional dispersing – if required.

Some facts:

  • Enormous potential in rationalising by the combination of
    5 processing steps:
    Container emptying, powder transport, powder induction, powder wetting and dispersing all in one machine  – Conti-TDS-Technology
  • Powders are inducted dust and loss-free into liquids directly from bags, containers, hoppers, BigBags, Silo-lorry or Silo (via a weighing system), immediately wetted and dispersed agglomerate-free
  • Clean process – dust and loss-free powder induction, even for light fillers and thickeners below liquid level - no adhesion in the vessel and installed components
  • Quick and reproducible setting of the products due to an immediate and complete combustion of the raw materials – no building up of agglomerates
  • No induction of false air, powder transport under vacuum in the dense current