ystral - Competence in the production of ice cream premix

The fineness of dispersions is one of the most important criteria in the production of ice cream premix. With the use of our machines and processing systems you may produce very fine and reproducible products and induct the powdery materials dust-free into liquids and immediately disperse the same.

  • Dust-free container emptying, powder transport, powder induction, powder wetting and dispersing with one machine – Conti-TDS-Technology
  • Clean process – dust- and loss-free powder induction directly from hopper, container or silo – no adhesion in the vessel, transporting systems and installed components
  • Agglomerate-free, highly concentrated and very stable dispersions due to the use of high shear energy and the wetting and dispersing under vacuum
  • Excellent emulsifying properties – narrow spectrum of the droplet sizes, even without a high pressure homogenizer
  • Reproducibility of the products by defined processes
  • Milk powder, emulsifiers, sugar, cacao or even flavours are inducted and dispersed into the liquid without any false air
  • Fast dissolving processes due to an optimal combustion of the raw materials
  • CIP capable complete processing systems