ystral - Competence in the production of baby food

We develop, construct and build innovative solutions for the production of baby food on the basis of our mixing, dispersing and powder wetting machines.
Besides the efficiency the hygienic demand is in the foreground. Our range of supply offers individual machines for the agglomerate-free treatment of thickeners as well as recipe controlled processing systems for the production of starch and fruit formulations.

  • Dust-free container emptying, powder transport, powder induction and dispersing of starches, semolina, corn flakes, fibres and thickeners
  • CIP able processing systems with the possibility of wet cleaning of the powder ways
  • Agglomerate-free, highly concentrated and very stable dispersions and solutions due to the wetting and dispersing of powders under vacuum
  • Reproducibility of the products by defined processes
  • Saving raw materials and faster dissolving processes due to the dust-free process and an optimal combustion of the raw materials
  • Avoiding the building up of a layer of foam due to avoiding the induction of false air during powder wetting