ystral - Competence in the production of cleaning and care products

Our machines are being used worldwide for the production of liquid cleaning agents, liquid cleaners, and cleaning gels and care products. Here large amounts of different powders such as e.g. Phosphates, Silicates, optical brighteners, salt or citric acid are inducted into liquids and dispersed. Even smaller amounts of powdery thickening agents are dispersed efficient and clean.

Dust-free working, the fast and complete combustion of the raw materials as well as the reproducibility of the products are the mandatory aim.

Some facts:

  • Enormous potential of rationalization by the combination of
    5 processing steps:
    Container emptying, powder transport, powder induction, powder wetting and dispersing all in one machine – Conti-TDS-Technology
  • Powders are inducted into liquids directly from bags, containers, drums, hoppers, BigBags or Silo (via a weighing system), immediately wetted and dispersed agglomerate-free
  • Large amounts of powder are inducted and dispersed with up to 200 kg/min directly from BigBags, hoppers or bag handling systems
  • Smaller amounts of powder (e.g. thickeners) are inducted with a reduced speed and immediately and completely combusted - no agglomerates build up, a delayed thickening can be avoided
  • Clean process – dust- and loss-free powder induction, even for light fillers, matting agents and thickeners - no adhesion in the vessel and installed components
  • Fast and reproducible adjustment of the products due to an immediate and complete combustion of the raw material
  • No induction of false air, powder transport under vacuum in the dense stream
  • The fast induction of the powdery materials allow the production of highly concentrated suspensions and solutions with a tremendously reduce building up of a layer of foam - e.g. for a later spray drying