ystral - Competence in the production of adhesives, sealing and insulation products

Whether it is for various solvents, PUR, resin or water, our machines are being used worldwide for the production of low and high viscosity adhesives, sealing and insulating products. 2K adhesives, under body coating, insulating materials, cast resins, laminating resins are only a few samples.

The efficient and clean dispersing of powders into liquids as well as the reproducibility of the products are the mandatory aim.

Some facts:

  • Enormous potential for process rationalisation by the combination of
    5 processing steps
    Container emptying, powder transport, powder induction, powder wetting and dispersing all in one machine – Conti-TDS-Technology.
  • Powders are inducted dust and loss-free into liquids directly from bags, containers, hoppers, Big Bags, Silo-truck or Silo (via a weighing system), immediately wetted and dispersed agglomerate-free
  • Production of a 3 ton batch (with 1,5 tons of powder - filler, light filler, pigments, thickener, etc.) in less than 1 hour. The powders are inducted with up to 200 kg/min directly from a Big Bag, hopper or bag handling system and immediately dispersed
  • Enormous reduction of the processing times compared to a dissolver because of a highly effective dispersing. When dispersing resin granulate the dissolving process may be accelerated by may times
  • Clean process – dust and loss-free powder induction, even for light fillers and thickeners below liquid level - no adhesion in the vessel and installed components
  • Quick and reproducible setting of the products due to an immediate and complete incorporation of e.g. Pyrogenic Silicic acid
  • PVA and PVC granulates/powders may be dispersed with-in the required temperatures due to a constant and controlled energy input - independent from the size of the vessel
  • No induction of false air, powder transport under vacuum in the dense phase