Application specific processing systems for any branch

Paints and lacquers, adhesives, sealing mass and isolating mass, coatings, spray emulsions, chocolate mass, milk products, active coatings, Home Care, Personal Care and many other products already are manufactured with turnkey systems from ystral. The economics and effectiveness of the production processes may be considerably improved with the help of our individual and space saving processing systems.

Our customers use processing systems developed by ystral as a standard worldwide.

Container systems that may be operated in different locations are available, same as our Skidded Units that are completely assembled on a basis frame that can be considered as automatic production units.

Recipe controlled, visualisation, weighing, measuring and controlling techniques, vessels and piping systems, CIP systems – the units are assembled in our premises, tested by you after a test run und production conditions and finally accepted. On site our technicians will be ready to set-up and start-up the system and further on respective service is provided